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Learn practical tips on how to maximize effective use of modern technology in your ministry. Discover tools for the efficient use of websites, e-mail, web lists and more. Presented at the 2008 Summit of the Network of Baptist Associations (www.NoBAsbc.org)

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Bobby Gilstrap (www.BobbyGilstrap.com) has been a consultant and trainer for more than 14 of his 33+ years of vocational ministry. In 2006, he founded Dynamic Church Ministries to work with leadership development, starting new churches and the revitalization of existing congregations in mission strategy, evangelism and church health and growth solutions. His full-time ministries have included serving as the Lead State Missionary of the Baptist State Convention of Michigan, serving as the Director of Missions for Huron and Southeastern Baptist Associations in southeastern Michigan and as a church planter and pastor. He is also the host and moderator of the national broadcast of the Audio Conference for Pastors (www.AudioConferenceForPastors.com). In addition to his 33+ years of ministry experience, he has started several photography businesses, and has been in management and sales for several media, retail and marketing businesses. Gilstrap also served three years on the Executive Leadership Team of the Network of Baptist Associations, a professional organization for Southern Baptist associations. His family (Brenda, Robert, & Andrew) have lived in Michigan since January of 2001.

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